Horse Riding Deluxe

Horse Riding Game PC

Horse Riding Deluxe is a horse adventure game in which you can buy the horses you’ve always wanted or find and tame them in the wild. But take good care of your new treasures and take care of their well-being, because the various races in the world of Horse Riding Deluxe demand everything from the horses and you.

Feeding, cleaning, training, taming, petting, jumping, riding, taking part in races, swimming with the horse and much more is just waiting for you …

  • Buy various horses or find them in the wild to tame them.
  • Buy stables to house your new horses.
  • Feed, clean and stroke your horses, or let a stable boy help you.
  • In the open game world there are no invisible borders that could interfere with your ride.
  • Train your horses several times in three areas to improve their acceleration, agility and speed.
  • 20 races are waiting for you and your horses, either on the open field or in riding arenas.
  • You can even go swimming with your horse if you want.
  • Just explore the area or help the residents with their tasks, it will certainly be worth it.
  • Let different pets help you explore the world.
  • No loading time unless you reload the game.

If you have always dreamed of your own riding stable and almost infinite freedom with your horses, take the opportunity and start your personal horse adventure right now.

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Early Access: 29.01.2018 – Final Release: 18.04.2019

Languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

Horse Riding Game PC

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